Features! 👌

Features! 👌

Everything you need to feel closer to your favorite people.

Everything you need to feel closer to your favorite people.


Express yourself freely

Express yourself freely

Users can communicate, share files, conduct transactions, and engage in various activities within a single, unified platform.

Woman using a mobile phone
Woman using a mobile phone

Just Make!

Create and share

Create and share

The integration of blockchain ensures that these interactions are not only efficient but also resistant to censorship and third-party interference.

2h ago

Matrix & Blockchain!

The convergence of super app messengers on blockchain, integrated with the Matrix protocol, represents a groundbreaking leap in digital communication.

Hey Sam!
How are you getting on?
Good morning!
I made it! 😅
This is great!
When are you coming back?

In Realtime!

This amalgamation promises enhanced security, decentralization, and multifunctionality, revolutionizing how individuals and businesses connect and transact in a rapidly evolving digital world.

I'm here!

End-to end encryption

Your chats are fully protected.

Calls around the world

Call friends from all over the world.

Group chats with friends

No limits on the size of the group.

Instant payments

Send and receive money securely.

Unlimited storage

Cloud-based storage for chats.

Public channels

Connect with open groups and bots.

Audio and video calling

Connect in one to one or group calls.

Documents sharing

Send PDFs, documents and more.